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Healing Where We Live,
Holding What We Love

Elevating Climate Conversations was inspired by the All We Can Save Project and provides a set of climate focused stories and resources intended to inspire and empower climate engagement.

el·e·vate /ˈeləˌvāt/ verb (1) to lift up (2) to raise in status (3) to improve (4) to raise the spirits of

Though we are not officially affiliated with the All We Can Save Project, we are among many communities that are localizing and working with the themes of the project. 

Personal Stories

Personal Stories

Appalachian State University students tell their own personal climate stories here. These stories are used as a way for students to meditate on and cope with the rapidly changing climate and what that means for humanity as well as for their own lives. 



Appalachian State University students interview individuals about their experiences with climate change and help them tell their own climate stories.


Climate Futures

Students envision their lifelong participation in climate action and The Great Turning through stories told from the perspective of an imagined future descendant: