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Sydney Blume

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 dreamer • brackish-blooded • gardener • muse-chaser • wild-space enthusiast

Sydney Blume is a local climate activist, gardener, fermentation-enthusiast, always-student, and sometimes-teacher. Hailing from the wetlands of Florida, she came to Boone to study Sustainable Development at Appalachian State. After graduating in 2018, she helped to found ClimAct– the Appalachian Climate Action Collaborative– a group working towards climate justice in the High Country through policy change, public pressure, and the building of just and sustainable alternatives. She's also managed community gardens, worked in solidarity with autonomous social movements in Southern Mexico, worked as a facilitator at High Country Forest Wild (a forest program for kids), and helped found a local composting cooperative (BAD Composting). Sydney's research and passion explores themes of resilient agroecosystems, alternative economies, utopian subjectivities, and how to uproot systems of oppression through community-based development. 

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