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Podcasts & Talks


On Being: A Wild Love for the World


On Being's Krista Tippett contextualizes our present moment in history through the experiences and life of 90 year old Buddhist philosopher of ecology, Joanna Macy. This spiritual, poetic understanding offers thoughts on the biggest ecological, political, and personal crises of our time. 


A Matter of Degrees: Stories for the Climate Curious


Dr. Leah Stokes and Dr. Katharine Wilkinson joins forces to tell stories about the forces behind climate change while giving audiences the tools to fix this crisis. This show is for climate curious who know that climate change is a problem, but also recognize that fixing this problem is within human power.

LEFT OUT: Kali Akuno on Worker Cooperatives, Economic Democracy, and Black Self-Determination


The way we organize work and capital is central to creating just and sustainable communities. Cooperation Jackson and Kali Akuno demonstrate how we can generate alternatives within the confines of capitalism and political oppression to achieve community control of our resources and our lives through Black led worker cooperatives.


How to Save a Planet

Climate activist, marine biologist, and all-around badass Dr. Ayana Johnson joins forces with Gimlet media journalist Alex Blumberg to talk about the greatest existential crisis of our time, climate change, and what we can collectively do about it. This often silly, always engaging, and refreshingly hopeful podcast explores cutting edge technology, policy, and human solutions that galvanize change and help us figure out how to build the future we want. 

"We Should All Be Feminists" (2013)

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie conveys the importance of feminism in all aspects of life, and the need for women in all levels and spaces of leadership. She questions "why should women's success be a threat to men" and why it is so common for women to make themselves smaller for the sake of men?

"The Hidden Promise of Our Dark Age" (2019)

Joanna Macy tells three stories of our time: one being business as usual in an industrial growth society, the second being the story of the great unraveling of living systems, and the third being the story of the great turning, a shift from an industrial growth society to a life sustaining society. This talk is hopeful, emotional, and uplifting.

Greta Thunberg's Speech At The U.N. Climate Action Summit  (2019)

Greta Thunberg attended the 2019 U.N. Climate Action Summit to present her speech discussing climate crisis response. Thunberg expresses the urgency required (now more than ever) for the globe to promptly address climate change, as well as the tired narrative of climate change being depicted as a “young person’s problem” and highlights that this global crisis has been an issue for a long time.

The Green Dreamer (2018)

The Green Dreamer embodies the We in "All We Can Save" they describe it as, "Green Dreamer is a podcast and multimedia journal exploring our paths to holistic healing, ecological regeneration, and true abundance and wellness" (The Green Dreamer).


Next System Podcast 

The Next System podcast includes discussions of a range of movements and models towards systematic change throughout society. 



Drilled investigates fossil fuel propaganda and exposes the injustices of the oil industry.


Citizens’ Climate Radio Ep. 56: Rev. Tony Campolo’s call to save creation

In this Citizen;s Climate Radion episode, Reverand Tony Campolo provides a Christian perspective on climate change and explains his frustration with fellow ministers and christians for failing to take action. Campolo says that God calls his followers to care for creation, and that this is a core responsibility as a person of the christian faith to carry out this command. 

Al We Can Save: Women at the Forefront of Climate Justice (2020)

Author and scientist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson speaks with contributors to the All We Can Save collection, as well as reading selections from the collection's poerty. 


Novel Climate 

In Episode 1: The Stories We Tell, Meghan Modeaferi reflects on stories from the Anthropocene. She talks with experts in the field to get the full picture of the environmental movement in today's context, as well as its far ranging history, from redlining to coronavirus. 

A Conversation with Climate Author Elizabeth Rush


Elizabeth Rush discusses with AppState her work as a climate author, including efforts to spotlight coastal communities facing climate injustices.

Never Alone (2020) 

Morgan HArper Nichols performs a spoken word piece about the unique human journeys and sources of resilience that chance throughout life. 

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