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Speakers and Workshops

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson


Led by Appalachian State University students Justin Sykes, Sophie Fox and Omiah Mitchell along with Creative Justice Initiative founder Cara Hagan (Associate Professor, Dance Studies) and Climate Stories Collaborative founder Laura England (Senior Lecturer, Sustainable Development), this lively discussion is a great introduction to Dr. Johnson's beautiful book, to life as a climate activist, and to building the climate movement.

Sandbox Session


On February 11, 2021, the morning after our campus had a virtual conversation with Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, co-founder of the All We Can Save Project, Appalachian's Creative Justice Institute convened a "Sandbox Session" led by Professor Cara Hagan (Theatre & Dance). Sandbox Sessions are interactive conversations with faculty, staff and students that offer an opportunity to discuss burning questions and issues facing our campus and broader community. The burning question for our session follows, along with the ideas and reflections we recorded:

How can we invite others to co-create a space that actively engages in social and climate justice that is authentic, anti-racist, characteristically feminine, integrative, and irresistible?

Watauga Riverkeeper Riparian Repair Event


In March 2021, student volunteers worked with the Watauga Riverkeeper, Andy Hill, to plant 2500 livestakes along the Watauga River. Livestakes are cuttings from native trees that will eventually grow up to shade the river, filter out water pollution, AND sequester carbon. Restoring riparian (streamside) forests is an example of "multisolving" as it's good for the climate, good for rivers and streams, and good for wildlife, all of which is good for people!

Stay tuned for more ECS speakers and events!

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